​Position Papers #3-

Title: “Lack of Activism among 21st Century Minority Athletes vs the Past-Why Is It Happening?”

Guide to help you with Assignment: Research this sensitive topic, for example, why have things changed, if you understand why or disagreed with the lack of Minority Athletes not involved in social issues.

Compared/contrast today’s professional athletes to former professional athletes who were involved in the Civil Rights movement-what changed? What improvements or actions should take place if any. Do not type personal statements unless you have facts. Include title and reference page.

Follow Appendix D on how to format your paper-(APA, 12 Font-times New Roman, correct syntax, spacing, and formatting of paper)! Remember, do not number your title page and no running head titles!

Title of Position Paper Goes Here:

Mid-Section of Title Page Example Below:



Your First & Last Name here

Title of Course

Semester Year

Bottom Section of Title Page

Alcorn State University

Month, Date, 2019



Do not Number your Title Page (No Running Head Titles)

2nd Page starts with number 2 top right of paper (Make sure the other pages follow in sequence)

APA Style-Indent opening Paragraphs

Body of Paper must Align Left/ hang right!

Font (Times New Roman 12 Font/Black INK only)

Paragraphs (Double space) 3-4 pages

Correct syntax (Grammar, Punctuations, Spelling)

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