#10 Week Fourteen 12/11: Excerpts from Zlata’s Diary, writing homework help

#10 Week Fourteen 12/11: Excerpts from Zlata’s Diary

In this assignment, you will write a paper that is between one and two pages long. Organize your response into at least three well-organized paragraphs and use MLA format.

Look again at the diary entry Zlata wrote on November 19, 1992. In it, she says that Serbs, Croats, and Muslims “are all people,” but that “’something’ wants to separate them” (219). Think about your own country or a country with which you are familiar and the way that people are separated by race, economics, gender, etc., What do you think of when you read Zlata’s opinion that there’s “something” that always wants to separate people? Do you agree or disagree?

Organize your thoughts into a paper that has an introduction, body and conclusion. Make sure you express a clear opinion in a thesis statement. Support your response with evidence from your own observations and experiences. In addition, you must integrate at least two quotations and/or paraphrases into your response. You may choose your quotations/paraphrases from any of the texts we read this semester; they don’t have to come from Zlata. Don’t forget to use an in-text citation and to write a work cited page.

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