2.5 page paper comparing 4 news article on influenza

2 1/2-page essay comparing newspaper articles on a big event in US history during the 1900s (You pick the event). The newspaper articles must be from the time of the event. Newspaper articles must be cited in essay and in a works cited page at the end of the paper using MLA format. Paper must have introduction and conclusion. Essay is more about analysis and comparison and contrasts of the newspaper articles and less about the event that occurred.

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette. “Newspaper Article about the Spread of Spanish Flu across Europe; Thousands of Deaths Are Reported.” Newspapers.com, www.newspapers.com/clip/25850880/newspaper_article_about_the_spread_of/.

The Topeka State Journal. “Article Describes Effects of Spanish Flu Epidemic in Kansas; Many Are Sick, Meetings Are Cancelled.” Newspapers.com, www.newspapers.com/clip/25851960/article_describes_effects_of_spanish/.

The Watchman and Southron. “Article Reports That 1918 Spanish Flu Has Reached ‘Epidemic Proportions in Practically Every State.’” Newspapers.com, www.newspapers.com/clip/25852080/article_reports_that_1918_spanish_flu/.

Vancouver Daily World. “Status of Spanish Flu Pandemic in Canada as of October 24, 1918; Reports Are Encouraging.” Newspapers.com, www.newspapers.com/clip/25852196/status_of_spanish_flu_pandemic_in/.

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