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1. Sam’s Post

As the HR specialist for Light Technologies (LT), an IT provider of technology services for small businesses globally. Over the course of their ten years of service, they have established some basic processes to employ in the event of weather-related situations. So, when the information about Hurricane Dorian hit the news, LT’s project team went into action.

  1. Prepare the potentially affected areas for closure, by removing the moveable objects for the site, and securing the objects that cannot be moved.
  2. Confirming the contact information for the people on the Team, who will work before, during and after the weather-related situation occurs. Regular communication with these people is key for the safety of the people and the equipment.
  3. Create and distribute the estimated timeline for the upcoming event, in an effort to familiarize the Team with the expectations for this event. This allows the Team the opportunity to walk through the process in a controlled environment.

So, all of this planning would prepare the team for actions during the time the hurricane actually hit the affected areas. The principle of planning ahead is found in Proverbs 16:3 (MSG), as Christians we have the responsibility to represent our faith in our workplace.This scripture shares that when we allow God to be in charge of our planning, our plans will take place.

*Responces for the abover post with 150-200 along with 1 scholarly review references.*-(Sam’s Post 1 )

2. DJ’s Post

Natural disasters are always tough to prepare, there are so many variables: time of impact, level of impact, how are the staff is going to be affected, the infrastructure of the city and public transportation. I manage a restaurant in Newport News Virginia I have many responsibilities, I have to make sure my staff is safe, and at the same time insuring the company is profitable. During the storm Dori I lost $35,000.00 of revenue on three days of the storm. I look back at the prior week and we prepare the restaurant for impact from lowering perishable food inventory, adjusting staff levels, and protecting the building from flooding by placing sand bags by the doors. The one think we fail to realize was that staff was going to be afraid to come out on Thursday night thinking that they will get caught on the storm. This created many problems for me without proper staff is very hard to provide the level of service that we are expected by our guest. Knowing that our staff call out the prior night we decided to close for lunch on Friday during the hardest impact of the storm. However I felt to realize that the city had shut down public transportation, I had to scramble my management team to go house to house to pick up a basic crew to run the restaurant. Now I know that I should had plan better, by asking questions to my staff such as: do you live in a flooding zone? Do you drive or take the bus? and if the storm comes will you make it in? I want my staff to be safe my first duty is to them I don’t want to put no one in danger. There is a new storm approaching the Bahamas and it might impact the East Coast, I am taking the lesson that I learn during Hurricane Dori to heart, I will implement a better plan, staring by having all my staff update their contact information, monitor public transportation statues. Philippians 2:4 “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” (NIV) this passage best represents what I need to do in the future for my staff.

*Responces for the abover post with 150-200 along with 1 scholarly review references.*-(DJ’s Post 2 )

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