2 to 4 long paragraphs

Towards the top of page 282, in conversation with Harpo, Sofia states, “Everybody learn something life she say. . .”

What are your thoughts on Sofia’s comment, especially when you think of her experiences as well as some of the other characters? What has Sofia learned? What has Harpo learned? What has Mr. ____ learned? What has Celie learned? What about Shug? What has been the greatest lesson you’ve learned, so far, in life?

Note: You are expected to write a well thought out response of at least 2 paragraphs (no more than 4 paragraphs). Please keep in mind that this is not a text or Tweet. As such, you should spell out words and write using complete sentences. If you can, make connections between the novel and the short stories.


The listen that I’ve learned is that struggles is what shapes us, and we grow from our mistakes. Also without struggle we wouldn’t appreciate our great times.

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