3 Discussions post! week 3

ENG 315: Professional Communications:

“Format and the Professional World”

Select ONE of the following:

  1. There are several different formats (emails, letters, reports, slides, and more) we will study this quarter. How important is the format in connecting with an audience? Defend your answer with relevant support.
  2. Consider a time when the way a message was delivered to you made a difference. What were your expectations about the message and how were they influenced or changed by the manner in which the information was delivered?

SOC 450: Solutions to Global Issues:

The Cost of Natural Resources

The economies and health of entire populations of the developing world are affected significantly when oil prices rise or when natural resources like coal and natural gas are used in abundance. What are the adverse effects of the use of these natural resources on populations and why do the economies of countries in places such as the Global South react to oil prices so severely compared to developed countries like the United States?

HIS 105: American History after 1865:

Each region (North, South, West) of the United States experienced the era of Industrialization (1865–1920) differently, with different issues and groups at the forefront.

Choose one of the following groups in the American Industrial Era (1865-1920):

  1. New European immigrants in the east
  2. African Americans in the “new south”
  3. Asian immigrants in the west

Then, in a full paragraph or two:

  • Identify the main challenges facing this group during these industrial years.
  • Describe at least one specific example that illustrates such challenge(s) and how the group dealt with it.
  • Suggest lessons for our own time, such as positive or effective ways for some group today to deal with society’s barriers as well as the inevitable challenges of economic change.
  • Identify the source(s) where you read about the group and its challenges.

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