350 words Essay

Answer the following questions in an essay of at least 350 words.

1. What are your career goals and how do you expect your education at the University of Houston to help you attain them?

2. In what ways will you participate and commit to your education in order to be successful?

Note: While writing the essay, include the following to help support your answer:

  • How did you choose the career goals you have?
  • What research did you do about the career?
  • What do you expect to be doing five years, ten years from now?
  • Did you have a mentor or someone close to you influence your choices?
  • What challenges will you be facing and how will you overcome them?
  • What is your support system while you are in school?
  • Why do you value education?

I am a 33 years old female, U.S Army Veteran, moved to Houston, TX last year after I was medically discharged from Active duty. I have a BS degree in Justice Administration Also, I have a Master’s degree in Business administration. Now I am planning to get my AAS degree in Web design and Interactive Media and that’s why I need to write this essay for admission purposes.

Me and my husband’s short and long term goals are to have our own Real Estate company and offer different helps to veterans when they want to purchase a residential homes or commercial properties for their own business.

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