38. Write a 5page paper for an English class

Write a 5page paper for an English class. Please follow the requirements.


Name (and English name if you have one)
Instructor’s name
ENG 107—time of class
Compare/Contrast Essay
Your Title for Compare/Contrast Essay, Assignment #2

LENGTH: 5 full pages (bottom margin of page 5)
DUE DATES: See Syllabus calendar
Invention: (5 points)
Informal Outline: (5 points)
Workshop Draft: (10 points) To get 10 points, you must be in class with a full five-page complete essay and you must read one to two other people’s papers. The draft must be printed—one copy for one reader, or two copies for two readers.
Final Draft: (200 points)
This assignment should be an essay that compares OR contrasts two things. When writers compare two things, they show similarities between these two things. However, when writers contrast two things, they show the differences between these two things. Do not write about obvious similarities or differences. You must do some prewriting to determine which topic you will write about.
There must be two things (sides) to compare or to contrast and at least four points of contrast. The thesis should not just say that the two things are the same or are different or something changed—these are facts, not main ideas. There should be a point to the contrast.
Before you start, you must outline a contrast paper because the organization is so important. Organization and transitions are crucial to an effective contrast. Be sure to take special care in revision to use correct organization and strong transitions.
NOTE: The length of details for one subject (or side) should be about the same as the length of details for the other subject. One side should not be much longer than the other side.

SUGGESTED TOPICS: (choose one)
An event that changed my life (could be your move to the United States)
Life before the event
Life after the event

An event that turned out differently than I expected
What you thought the event would be (expectations)
What the event really was (reality)

Contrast your attitude toward one issue with your parents’ attitude toward the same issue

Compare (show similarities) how people from the US and people from your country are more alike than most people think

Another topic of your choice, but the essay must be a comparison or contrast essay.

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