5 pages paper

Labor and Work in America before 1877 Spring 2018 575:201 Professor Hayes

Second paper topic

We typically think of the Civil War as an issue of North and South, but the West was critically important in this division. How and why was it so important, and what were the most important issues?

You should plan to write a cohesive, formal essay, 1300 to 1600 words, in which you develop an argument and advance it through making points and using evidence to back them up.

The formatting is the usual – double-spaced, standard margins, normal sized font (11 or 12 point, depending on which you choose) and so on.

Do not use outside sources for this assignment. You should only be referencing the documents on Sakai (The West documents), the textbook, and what we have covered in class. You do not need to use all of the documents, but you should use some of them, along with the textbook. The best papers tend to blend together a variety of different types of sources, making for a stronger case.

You can just use parenthetical citations (Author, page number) after something you wish to cite. Since you will all be using the same sources, there is no need for a works cited page.

The first draft is due in class and on Sakai Thursday, April 19.

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