Abram Friedman Influence of Myths within Our Contemporary Society Paper

A key reason to study ancient literature is to make connections to our contemporary lives. In this Final Project, you will be analyzing your world and determining where you see specific influences held over from these ancient mythological stories. Spend some time considering these influences. You may explore art, literature, film, architecture, places, or people, among other subject areas. You will be creating a multi-media presentation and also submitting a reflective essay on the development of that presentation.

As you start to consider the topic, consider the influence of myth within our contemporary society rather than to locate the remains of the ancient myths. For example, in Greece the physical remains of the Parthenon still stand. That is obvious and expected. However, if the most popular tattoo on earth were an image of Zeus, then you would have found a contemporary influence of an ancient myth.

The demonstration of your findings should come in the form of a presentation. Examples include a video or screencast, PowerPoint with audio recording, or other format. If you would like to use a multi-media format that is not listed here, please consult with your instructor.

In addition to the presentation, a brief written explanation (3-4 pages) of the presentation is required. In the explanation, describe your process of identifying, researching, and developing the presentation. You should also include the key concept that you identified and what you are taking away from the development of the project. The explanation should include a Works Cited page for the sources used in the presentation.

Submission Requirements

  • Communication: Ensure your presentation and explanation paper is free of errors that detract from the overall communication of your ideas.
  • References: Format resources and citations according to MLA style and formatting.
  • Explanation Paper: 3-4 pages (750 – 1,000 words).
  • Format: One-inch margins, double spaced.
  • Font and font size: Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.

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