Adults Draw Upon Their Experiences as a Resource in Their Learning Efforts More Than Youth, Edu100 Week 1 Response D.W.

 Respond to your classmates with comments that your peers made that are relevant to you and your career. (My major is Child Development and future career is an elementary teacher.) Just add to their post in 50 words or more.

 I am 35 and lived there my entire life, minus a few years of living in a nearby town.  I am married and have three children, ToniLynn (15), Paige (10), and Chase (6). I never really knew what I want to be growing up, except for being a forever student.  I said that I would continue to take classes until my oldest daughter graduates. Since she only has three years left in school, I am cutting it pretty close to earn a teaching degree.  I currently work in an elementary school as a para-educator and the technology teacher and found my true passion there, working with children.  I love how their little minds absorb everything.
From the article, Ten Characteristics of Adult Learners, the three characteristics that describe me are:
•     Adults Draw Upon Their Experiences as a Resource in Their Learning Efforts More Than Youth
•    Adults Must Fit Their Learning into Life’s “Margins”
•    Many Adults Lack Confidence in Their Learning
Each of these experiences describes me perfectly.  I find myself linking past experiences to learning new things.  Scheduling in time to study and devote to school is crucial when balancing between a full-time job and my family.  While being considered a “nerd” by my friends and family, I have little confidence when it comes to my performance in class.  I have terrible test anxiety and have the mindset that anything less than 100% is a failure. Having confidence in myself is something that I am working on.  
I have chosen to earn my BA in education studies and then get my teaching degree.  I want to be the best teacher I can be for my students. I want to be a teacher that made a difference in a student’s life.  I hope to take all I can from this course to better myself as a para and eventually an elementary school teacher.  I especially want to learn different teaching strategies and how to address the individual needs of students.  I am really looking forward to the next five weeks!

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