American Government, Legalization Of Drugs And Surveillance Programs


What level of government should decide? Consider at least 2 of the following issues: legalization of drugs, setting educational standards, welfare, environmental regulation and enforcement, same sex marriage and abortion. Are decisions on these issues better placed in the hands of the states or of the federal government? Why? Provide evidence of additional research on your issues.


What is the proper boundary between church and state? Should the first amendment be interpreted strictly so that no one’s rights are infringed by government sponsorship of religion – or should it be interpreted loosely to recognize that the U.S. is a very religious country? On the matter of religious freedom, what are the appropriate boundaries? Under what circumstances, if any, should religious freedom take precedence over the law? Illustrate your answer with specific examples. Review the CQ Researcher article on Religion and Law and check out the videos on the Lemon Test and animal sacrifice in the content area before your answer.


Describe government surveillance programs that have developed since 9/11. Do you think these programs violate citizens’ constitutional rights or are they necessary measures to track terrorists? Justify and explain your answer. The CQ Researcher reading and course resources for this week provide important information on this issue.

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