An early glaze, Culture Essay help

Need to write a 5 page double-spaced paper using 6 outside sources + book:

about inserting myself into a culture that I am not normally part of and writing about my experience in that culture. It can be anything, like a racial culture, a certain music culture, or gaming culture, anything really.

Need to use a couple terms out of our book. Here are some you can use:

Whiteness: (By the way I’m white in case that helps)

A location of structural advantage, a standpoint and a set of core values, practices, and norms in which White ways of thinking, knowing, being and doing are normalized as standard


One’s social location or position within a web of socially constructed hierarchical categories

U-Curve & W-Curve:

U-curve: Basically culture shock when joining a culture you are not used to.

W-Curve: Culture shock when returning back to your original culture after experiencing another one.

Here is a link to my textbook to use as another source for the terms I wrote down:

It looks like the upload function is not working for me, so here is my rubric.

Intercultural Field Experience and Research Paper

This assignment requires that you engage with and learn about a culture that is different from your own. The important consideration here is involvement, not just as a bystander or observer, but engagement with people from a cultural group other than your own.  Attendance at cultural events or rituals, spending time at places where people from the culture hang out, along with interviews of people from the culture are excellent ways to engage with the cultural group you select.  As you do your field experience, you will also support your understanding of the culture through research

For this assignment students are required to write a five-seven page (double-spaced) paper that includes:

  A description of the cultural experiences

  Analysis of the experience using theories and concepts from the course

  Support for field research through library resources

  A minimum of 7 outside sources is required

  A summary of reflections on what you have learned from the experience

  References or Works Cited Required (APA)

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