An Economic Fair Housing Act Essay

First, please read Richard D. Kahlenberg’s Century Foundation report entitled “An Economic Fair Housing Act.” Next, revisit pp. 244-246 as well as p. 248 of the AGWR, where the five argumentative “frameworks” (Causation, Coverage, Cost/Benefit, Feasibility, and Comparison) as well as Counterarguments are briefly discussed.

Now, please write a short paragraph in which you summarize the problem that Kahlenberg has identified as well as the solution that he is proposing as a remedy. Then, identify and describe a few different places in Kahlenberg’s report where he uses the different argumentative frameworks listed above. Please also identify and describe a few of the Counterarguments that he addresses.

My suggestion is that you write a different paragraph for each framework—e.g., a short paragraph for Causation, a short paragraph for Coverage, etc.—in which you list the ways in which Kahlenberg uses each of these frameworks to argue for his solution. Include page numbers, so you can remember where you found your answers!

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