Analyze a recent world event (edit my current essay)

I need my essay edited.

I will attach the papers instructions and my professors comment for the paper I wrote

Please follow the outline and check the rubric.

Also I will attach an example paper for this type of essay.

also please fix the mistakes my professor pointed out

((Professors feed back on my paper)):

Please, don’t start with a number.

You have an excellent selection of theme and narrative. But don’t write on the block. Rember what I told you that light paragraphs do better reading.

A few pointers: check the language, spelling mistakes, names of personalities, passive voice and so on.

Please check the references and don’t forget your MLA “Retrieved from…”. Identify the cites and opinions on text with sources.

Definitively you need more bibliography, don’t limit yourself to a number and try to look for more serious or academic ones.

What about theory?

All thesis needs a presentation, the fundament of ideas presented, and conclusions, remember class, please.

I have attached all files needed

This could be useful

Class website if needed

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