Annotated Bibliography for a research paper

Find three sources for a Research Paper and then write annotated bibliography for each source.

Research Question:

– How has the view of bodies of women challenged the stereotyped concepts through fashion in the society?

– What is the relation between the body image of women and gender attitudes and ideologies?

Thesis Statement of this paper:

The ideal body image of female was redefined by the emerging concept of femininity in the 20th century and it has dramatically changed as fashion begins to play a key role in individuals’ daily life,.

Possible resources include: newspaper articles (in print or online), academic papers, academic abstracts, or other resources that you can find on the databases or Google Scholar. NO Wikipedia or blog entries will be accepted.

Below is the format for each annotated bibliography:


An annotated bibliographic citation is made up of two parts:

The citation (Chicago Manual of Style formatted citation)

The annotation – a 4–6 sentence critical summary of the work.

o Describe the content of the source

o Mention why it is useful

o Indicate strengths and/or weaknesses of the source

o Evaluate the overall reliability of the source; to do this, look at:

– The author’s conclusions and how he/she arrived at them

– The references they consulted

o Describe your reaction to the source

– The annotation is continuous with the source listing (i.e., there are no spaces or

paragraph indentations in between the source and its annotation).

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