Annotation week 8

will submit the annotation of a qualitative research article on a topic of your interest. An annotation consists of three separate paragraphs that cover three respective components: summary, analysis, and application. These three components convey the relevance and value of the source. As such, an annotation demonstrates your critical thinking about, and authority on, the source topic. An annotated bibliography is a document containing selected sources accompanied by a respective annotation of each source. In preparation for your own future research, an annotated bibliography provides a background for understanding a portion of the existing literature on a particular topic. It is also a useful first step in gathering sources in preparation for writing a subsequent literature review as part of a dissertation

  • Annotate one qualitative research article from a peer-reviewed journal on a topic of your interest.
  • Provide the reference list entry for this article in APA Style followed by a three-paragraph annotation that includes:
  • Format your annotation in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced. A separate References list page is not needed for this assignment

Teacher comments

, is your study from the peer-reviewed literature? Are articles submitted for publication in The Commonwealth Fund peer reviewed? I will accept this study as one of your quantitative studies.

make sure the rest of your research studies for papers are from the peer reviewed literature.

we are looking for you to review a quantitative research study.

Information about how the study was done, the results that were obtained and the conclusions that were drawn belong in the Summary paragraph. What quantitative data were obtained in this study?

These are elements to consider for this paragraph.

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