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The final stage of the SDLC is System Maintenance.

First, discuss the role of system maintenance in terms of types of maintenance and particularly, the cost of maintenance vs. new development. (Please write 1 paragraphs)

Secondly, discuss the process of controlling maintenance requests in general (see fig. 14-8) (Please write 1 paragraphs)

Lastly, provide your own interpretive discussion of how the “traditional” SDLC view point of controlling maintenance requests would need to change to fit into the Agile System Development Methodology. Essentially, how would you manage and control change requests in an Agile environment. (Please write 2 paragraphs)

Please not less one page of this three questions.

Ensure that you list any/all steps, define all terms, and demonstrate full understanding of any concept you discuss. For example, if discussing “Agile”, tell enough about it to convince me you know what it means.

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