anthropology writing

1.list. illustrate, and explain what paleontologists have discovered or inferred regarding the evolution of the various characteristics of mammals that have made them so successful(what Attenborough describes as aspects of a “winning design”). Be sure to discuss the earliest known mammals like Hadrocodium and to include the following adaptation: a. relatively large and complex brain b. sophisticated olfactory capabilities(projecting muzzle, moist rhinarium, complex turbinate bones, Jacobson’s organ, etc) c. sophisticated auditory system(the mammalian ear) d. sophisticated tactile system(body hairs, vibrissae) e. mammary glands f. hair/fur g. endothermy h. heterodont dentition i. secondary palate j. muscular diaphragm k. improved/upright posture and different locomotor adaptations

2.list, illustrate, and discuss the diagnostic traits or adaptations typical of members of the Order Primates.

3. Describe, illustrate, and explain the biological, ecological, and behavioral adaptations inferred for the adaptive array of forest dwelling prosimians(like Teilhardina, Smilodectes, Notharctus, Adapis, Darwinius, etc.) that were widespread in North American, European, and Asian forests during the period in Earth-life history known as the Eocene Thermal Optimum(roughky 56 Mya to 38 Mya). Be sure to mention evidence for the presence of stereoscopic vision, nails and tactile pads on most digits, opposable thumbs and big toes, bunodont molar cusp patterns, and increased dependence on fruit among these forest dwelling primates.

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