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Approaches to Instructional Design

ADDIE is not necessarily an instructional design model, but rather a broad framework in which all instructional design models can be included. Working with this assertion that ADDIE is a broad framework, analyze how the System’s Approach (Dick & Carey) and the Instructional Design Plan (Kemp, Morrison, and Ross) fit within the ADDIE framework. Justify why you do or do not have a preference between the 1) Dick and Carey or 2) Kemp, Morrison, and Ross models.

You may respond to this discussion in any format you wish, as long as each of the required components is included. If you choose to respond in a format other than text, you can attach the document (picture, presentation, etc.) to your discussion post. If you choose a format hosted on the internet (video, VoiceThread, etc.), post the link within the discussion box. Ensure that the project is publicly available or provide the required access info.

Required Resources (You DO NOT have to use them all, just the ones you feel is important to and is mentioned in the assignment directions)


  • Brown, A. & Green, T. (2011). The essentials of instructional design: Connecting fundamental principles with process
    and practice
    . (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson.
    • Chapter 1: The Discipline of Instructional Design (Will be uploaded)


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Recommended Resources




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