Asian news Analysis

This assignment is asking you to engage with contemporary news about Asia, from Asia.

1) First, choose a topic by skimming prominent, English-language newspapers, at least two of which must be published from Asia. You can find online, English-language newspapers from Asia here:… Nb8LQ-cg4 Many of you are fluent in languages other than English, but it is impossible for us to evaluate work that is based on source materials that we can’t read. So, for this assignment, please use English-language materials.

2) Your topic should be one that has not already been discussed during Friday section meeting. You can draw from the areas of business, economics, politics, society, and culture, but it must be something that is of current interest in Asia.

3) Find three to four news articles discussing your topic, from a minimum of three different news sources (at least two of which are from Asia), all published during the months of October & November 2017. If you are having a hard time finding adequate news stories, it’s possible that your topic is too narrow or lacks a broad significance within Asia. Find a new topic!

4) Your write-up should start by providing full citations for your news stories: author (if one is given), title of article, title of newspaper or magazine, date of publication, URL.

5) Your analysis should include: a. a description of the topic (who, what, where, when, why) b. an analysis of how the coverage differs from one source to the next and some hypotheses about what explains these differences c. the broader significance of the topic for The Rise of Asia.

6) Your news analysis can be a maximum of two pages (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins).

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