Assessing Service Learning Strategies

To prepare

  • Review the resources on using the Kaltura Media Uploader page, which is located on the course navigation menu.
  • Review the Service Learning Strategy Project requirements and rubric for this component.

Using Kaltura, create a presentation for a stakeholder group of your choosing. The presentation or “pitch” may be to any group you feel appropriate for your Service Learning Strategy Project Plan. This may encompass a presentation to any of the following:


  • A community partner to gain their participation
  • Parents to get buy-in for their students’ participation
  • Administrators or the school board to gain funding or support for the project
  • Any other stakeholders you deem necessary

The screencast should include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • 10 slides
  • Project description and rationale
  • Stakeholder role
  • Assets and materials provided by the school
  • Any requests made of the stakeholder
  • How feedback or requests from stakeholders will be integrated into the project plan
  • At least two benefits to the stakeholder if they agree to participate

Post the link your pitch/presentation.

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