Asset Tracking and Management Software Application

Background: Refer to week 2’s background definition. You are part of a team that will be implementing an asset tracking and management software application. Choose an organization with which you are familiar for this assignment.

You are tasked with the job of preparing an implementation plan that includes the processes and procedures needed for a successful implementation.

For the items specified in the technical architecture document developed in Week Three for the asset management and tracking software application, prepare a 750 to 1,000-word document describing the following:

Note: Your response must be substantive and detailed. I will not accept responses without substantive details. Please refer to section “Required Assignment Response Length” in Instructor Policy document about the minimum word count policy.

Format: Copy and paste each below bolded item into your paper in the start of your response for that item. Bold each item in your paper to clearly define your responses.

  1. Quality Assurance. Define processes and procedures to ensure the functionality and performance requirements are met. How do you define QA and how can you enforce it? Note that QA is not testing. Do not discuss testing here. Testing should be covered in the next step.
  2. Testing.Define procedures to ensure the application is operational at all levels (program, network, systems, and interfaces). Focus on HOW you will test and not WHAT you will test. Discuss a minimum of 2 testing procedures (that is, different tests to be performed) or approached.
  3. Implementation. Discuss steps and procedures necessary to achieve operational status and operational readiness. Discuss a minimum of 3 steps and procedures. Operational means going to production.

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