Assignment: Reflection, writing homework help

For this week’s Assignment review a curriculum audit, which may have been previously completed in your program. (I will have to check and see what exactly this is and send it later)

Consider the following questions about the audit:

  • Where, within the curriculum, is your chosen learning connection from Week 5? Is it in an area of the curriculum that is already strong?
  • Are there weak areas in your school’s curriculum that might benefit from a Service Learning Strategy Project?

*If you do not have a curriculum audit that you can review, examples of audits to guide your review of your own curriculum are available in this week’s Optional Resources.

To submit

Compose a 3- to 5-page reflection of your learning about service learning thus far in the course. Include concrete connections to the Learning Resources, but also reflect on the problem you have selected and where it fits within the curriculum. Provide details on your early thinking about the type/nature of your Service Learning Strategy Project. In your reflection, answer the following questions:

  • Why are you leaning in this direction?
  • How will it engage the learner and fill a curricular need?
  • How will you employ Welsh’s OPERA to plan a successful, rigorous Service Learning Strategy Project?
  • What questions do you still have about service learning?

In your reflection, be sure you do not just cite others’ work, but instead reflect on your own learning to this point and consider a direction for your service learning plan.

Length: 3–5 pages

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