Assignments 1 and 2

See word docs for more detailed information.

Assignment 1

To prepare for this assignment, you have read two versions of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, as well as the foregrounding discussion in your text on some of the elements of fiction (xi to xxxvii in Stories volume of The Seagull Reader. These tales are likely not new to you; you probably had them read to you at some point in your lives, but you might not have thought about them deeply.

To write this assignment, choose one of the elements that you read about in your text: plot, character, setting, symbol, theme (let’s leave point of view out of it), and using that element, see if you can “unpack” the texts based on your understanding of the element. We practiced a bit with this in class on Tuesday. You are examining the texts through the lens of the element to come to an greater or deeper insight about the texts than one would get upon a simple reading. You are engaging in the act of interpretation. See where using your knowledge of an element – setting, for example (what exactly does it cover? How broadly can you think of setting? What are some details in the stories that create setting?–these are all questions that can help you think about setting.) — offer an insight about the tales that you might not have realized before reading through a lens. That is an interpretation of the story. The essential question you ask yourself is “what does the element reveal about the story and how do I know that?” In other words, you need evidence from the story – the exact words in quotation to prove that what you are saying is valid.

This is a short homework writing assignment — about 350 to 500 words. Double space and uploaded through the link by the deadline.

Assignment 2

This is the first blog for your first online class. For the work each online class, you will normally have a reading and a blog post all due by 11:59pm on Fridays and a response to at least one peer due by Sundays, 11:59.

As part of today’s online class, you read Joyce Carol Oates “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” and made an entry in your notebook. Now you will want to offer one of the thoughtful and critical questions you created based on your reading. Please post the question in bold at the top of your blog and then answer it using the evidence you found in the text. Feel free to pose sub-questions in your blog for your peer to answer. Original blog post should be about 350 to 500 words. Put word count at end of post like this: (498). Respond to one peer by 11:59 on Sunday. Please choose someone who does not have a response for your first one but you may do as many as you like.

Note: This is a really complex story with many valid and possible interpretations. Don’t be afraid to explore it; take us into the corners of it and don’t be satisfied with the obvious.

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