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Final Paper : Journalism Topic, writing homework help

**must be on journalism media field** ***draft of final paper is attached so must be revised and completed even better.*** Submit your finished annotated bibliography & paper here. The annotated bibliography is worth 3 points and the paper is worth 10. Description from the Course Outline: Final Project (25 pts): Students will create a researched-based […]

American University Summary and Rhetorical Analysis Essay

The essay will analyze focus on identifying author/speaker, audiences, and persuasive appeals. Focusing on a musical artist of your choice, your assignment begins with the analysis of the lyrics of at least two complete songs, in depth, with particular attention to persuasive appeals (ethos, logos, pathos). You will next analyze images corresponding to album/songs – […]

about human rights and technology

How can society apply new knowledge and ability in a responsible way when it comes to recent advances in science and technology? Give specific examples from the readings by the Dalai Lama and Singer to support your essay. 3 main idea. 1.the misuse of it will cause human rights encroached like privacy in some extends […]

Reflection Paper, Interpersonal effectiveness

Interpersonal effectiveness is a broad topic that entails many aspects of how we view and interact with the world. In each module, you will take in a great amount of information from a variety of sources—your reading, media presentations, case studies, etc. In addition to graded reflection activities, you are encouraged to keep a journal […]

Project planning SP

The customer walks into your project status meeting and states the following: “The original project due date was November 15. Unfortunately, the plans have changed, and we need the final deliverables by October 1.” As the project manager, you feel this request is unreasonable. The problem you have is that this is your major client, […]

Public Company Accounting Reforms, writing homework help

Read the article attached and write a reading notes follow by the requirements. Absolutely original work,otherwise will be withdrew. Format: One page and Half minimum(1000 words), single space, block format, justified margins, 10-point font APA bibliographic citation of the work as your ‘title’ Content: Central theme – identify author’s main lesson/argument – what is the […]

Cartesian Dualism, writing homework help

Are you FOR or AGAINST Cartesian Dualism? Descartes’ (Cartesian) Metaphysics: DUALISM METAPHYSICS Debate Question: What is the nature of reality? God = Infinite Immaterial Substance; transcendent, teleological substance. Mind (Soul) Body (brain) Immaterial/Transcendent: No extension in time and space; transcendent Material: Extended in time and space; measureable objectively Consciousness Matter in motion, governed by the […]