Axiom 7: Curriculum development is a never-ending process, writing assignment help

Review several of your classmates’ posts and respond with a minimum 150-words to at least two.  Provide recommendations to extend their thinking.  Challenge your classmates by asking a question that may cause them to reevaluate or add components to their understanding of curriculum.

Axiom 7: Curriculum development is a never-ending process

I would describe Axiom 7 as one of the most important things that a new teacher can learn. Teachers need to realize that the curriculum should grow with the development and the interest of the children. Curriculum should not be put in a box and done the same way every year. Teachers and staff need to look outside the box and continue to grow and learn with the curriculum.

I think Axiom 7 impacts the children’s learning by making the teacher think about the curriculum in a more intentional way. Making is easier for the students to grasp what concepts are trying to be taught. Not every child learns at the same pace making the continue building of the curriculum even more important. The curriculum that is developed at the being of the school year should grow with the children and their surroundings. Teacher always have the ability to grow and improve on their teaching.

The axiom 7 impacts how teachers develop curriculum in the classroom and how they interact with the students. Just because a teacher has a lesson plan doesn’t mean it is set in stone. The curriculum and learning never ends. For example the teacher might want to talk about apples but the children are interested in talking about the rainstorm last night. The teacher needs to build a curriculum around the interest of the students. The curriculum is to be used as an ongoing learning tool for the teacher, students, and parents. Teachers should also continue getting educated and taking workshops or classes on new ways to teach children and build on the curriculum that needs to be taught.

At my school we have curtain concepts and a curriculum that we have to follow to make sure that the students are learning what they need too. My co teacher and I build on what is expected of use and think about how we can teach it is a different and fun way.

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