Berkeley Adult School Understanding Limits Discussion

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Understanding Limits

As the field of psychology and other disciplines has continued to expand, opportunities to engage in multiple professional activities have also increased. At the same time, this abundance of opportunities also presents ongoing challenges requiring an understanding of personal limits. To rise above these challenges, we as professionals need to understand their limits and apply this understanding to professional situations that we encounter.

Discuss the situations in which you believe you may now be or could be less competent, situations that could require you to make a professional referral. Discuss how you would make a referral and what you would say to your client.

When discussing this scenario, address (1) the background and presentation of the client, (2) your working relationship with the client to date, and (3) why the referral is essential and ethically significant in this scenario. Using the Internet, research your professional code of ethics for examples related to conflicts and the need to refer your client or case out.

Scenario below

As the director of social services in an all-female shelter, there was an incident that was a priority three and escalated to a priority one. A 24-year-old female who is employed and close to obtaining suitable housing. One evening approximately 6pm just before I was leaving for the evening she came into the facility heavily intoxicated to the point she could not stand. E.M.S. was called and responded quickly. Once E.M.S. was on-site, she became extremely violent to the point the NYPD was called. Once they came on-site, she removed all her clothes and lunged at the NYPD. NYPD tased the nude young lady, handcuffed her and placed her in the ambulance.

Immediately upon her return, I was instructed to transfer her to a mentally illness chemically addicted M.I.C.A shelter but I suggested to the analyst to allow her to stay and I would refer her to a substance abuse program that was seven months ago.

A week later, when the client returned, and I called her into my office and engaged her about her behavior and what I was instructed to do when she returned. The client stated she does not have a problem with alcohol, and she does not need to be transferred to a crazy shelter with people who have real problems. This went on for two weeks the denial of alcohol abuse. Until I showed the young lady, I put in for her transfer to a facility that would better suit her needs. The client has been exited unknown ever since.


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