Between two movies: Ever after and Cinderella 2015, writing homework help

Between two movies: Ever after and Cinderella 2015

Description: 5 page(s); typed, double-spaced; MLA format

Assignment: Associating Works & Synthesizing SourcesIn this essay, you are tasked with identifying and addressing a common issue, concern, or “object” between two texts. You will work to unpack a meaningful relationship between two texts’ claims,
ideas, approaches, and/or assumptions, using details from each to support your own claim a statement regarding the difference within similarity among the sources. This assignment requires you to put your sources in conversation with one another, not in order to attack, agree or disagree, or arrive at a final answer, but to clarify similarities and differences in texts’ premises and assumptions. What would one text say to the other? How are they addressing a shared concern differently? Similarly? The ability to synthesize and analyze texts in relation to one another, providing a point by point essay structure as opposed to source by source, is essential in academic writing.

Criteria for Evaluation:

  •  Claim establishes a significant relationship between two texts, in terms of a common issue or concern addressed & HOW it is being addressed.
  •  Focused analysis of details in the two sources that serves a larger claim about reasoning, use of evidence, assumptions, and/or approaches to a common issue.
  •  Appropriate paraphrase and quotation of tests’ ideas that make clear which ideas belong to you and to each of your sources
  •  Logical flow of ideas in developed paragraphs with transitions.
  •  Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citation.

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