Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Report


  1. Locate a local non-profit community resource agency that is available for children, parents, or teachers. A community resource agency assists individuals and families to acquire useful skills and knowledge, to gain access to new opportunities, and to achieve economic self-sufficiency.
  2. After you locate an agency, gather information on the resource you have found. You are required to either visit the agency in person for a tour, or conduct a detailed phone interview with someone who works at the agency. Be sure to get the person’s name that you speak with, as you will need it for your reference page. You may also get information from brochures at the agency or from their website.
  3. Summarize the information you have gathered into a 3-page written summary.


Explain the scope of the problem. In this section you will be writing about the problem itself that leads to needing a community resource agency. Do not write about the agency in this paragraph.

  • Why is this issue a societal problem? What is happening in our country that makes a need for this resource?
  • What is the prevalence of this issue in our community?
  • What effects does this issue have on children, families and the local community?
  • Include quantitative information (statistics!).

Describe information about the community agency you have found.

  1. contact information
  2. overview of services offered
  3. history of the agency
  4. conditions for eligibility
  5. number of clients served
  6. results of services being offered


  • Write about your experiences while visiting the agency.
  • Summarize your impressions and opinions of this agency.

Type your paper using APA format.

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