Bob Dylan, writing homework help

INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC 125 WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT #1 Bob Dylan the singer, songwriter and performer of folk music from the 1960’s until the present has just won the Nobel Laureate in Literature. His social commentary expressed in his music and poetry includes anti-war themes and topics such as civil rights in America. Write an essay of at least three pages. Choose one of three songs listed below. 1. A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall 2. The Times They are A-Changin 3. Blowin in the Wind Ask yourself questions. What is his intent? What is the historical context of the song? What does he attempt to convey in the song? Is he successful? What does the song evoke for you living in the 21st Century? I encourage you to give me your opinions. Judge for yourself. Your critique can be positive or negative or a mix. Your final essay should be a product of clear and well reasoned judgments. Type the paper with normal margins and a font size 12. A WORKS CITED PAGE should be included. This would allow me quick access to your sources that can include YouTube, cd’s, books.

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