book review


Your personal review of one of the books listed below is required. This is not a book report but a professional style review. It should exactly follow the format and length of a model review, as published in some magazine or newspaper, as if it were ready to be printed as submitted with all ancillary details, such as publisher, price, ISBN, etc. It should therefore be highly professional in form and substance. It is hoped that students will find the opportunity to read all of these books sometime in their lives.

book list:

Charles G. Koch, Good Profit, Crown Business, Crown Publishing Group, Penguin Random House Inc., New York, NY 2015,

Richard Florida, The Rise of the Creative Class, Basic Books,

A Member of the Perseus Books Group, New York, NY, 2002.

David Schenk, The Genius in all of us, Anchor Books, Random Housw Inc., New York, NY, 2012.

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