Boston College The Art of Fielding Quotes Discussion

  • Discussion (1 page)
    • Choose one character from the novel and relate it to EITHER Campbell’s stages of the hero’s journey, Aristotle’s the tragic hero, arete, vices OR virtues, which are all topics that we have encountered this term. Select one character from another work and explain similarities and differences between the two in terms of your discussion of the first character.Be sure to respond to at least two of your classmates.
  • Assignment(3 pages MLA format)
    • Consider the list of quotes from The Art of Fielding that is provided for you this week. Choose three quotes from this list and explain where each one comes from (the chapter in which it is found, who is involved in the scene where the quote appears and what is happening).Most importantly explain the significance of the quote within the larger context of the themes or ideas developed in the novel.For example,If one of the quotes was “Henry wasn’t going to admit it any more that he was going to argue with it,” and I selected that quote, I would note that it is found in Ch. 76 when Henry wakes up in the hospital after the team wins the championship because Henry was hit by a ball to get on base and scored the winning run despite very serious injuries.I would then connect the quote to the conflict of Henry vs, Schwartz and Henry vs. himself.Of course, I would elaborate with direct references to the story in order to develop my point that his particular scene is the beginning of the resolution of those conflict.

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