Building Collapse Fire Fighter Fatality Investifation Presentation Help

Case Study Building Collapse Directions

Review the following link for an overview of Firefighter Fatalities in the United States. Review at least three incidents where a firefighter was killed in the line of duty due to a building collapse. Choose one of these incidents and answer the following questions in a Microsoft Power Point file or Google Slides (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Free). (Note: must include photos from the case study and similar building.

Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation Reports (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Part One Building Collapse Review (100 points)

Your Case Study must answer the following questions: Power Point Format orGoogle Slides (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. – using bullet point formats only – (no cut/pasting from NIOSH Report – Eight Slides Total)

  1. Title page shall include the title of the Incident, short description of incident, a short description of the fire department, state, and student name(s) participating. (One slide – titled “INTRODUCTION”)
  2. Provide an overview of the document training the fire department members had participated in prior to the incident. (One Slide – titled “TRAINING”)
  3. According to the report and your opinion after reviewing the incident, what are the three most significant factors that contributed to the death or injury of the fire fighter(s) due to building collapse? (One slide – tiled “SIGNIFICANT FACTORS”)
  4. Provide a description of the type of building construction features (using terms from our course) of the structure involved in the collapse? Did any of these building construction features contribute directly to the collapse? (One slide – Titled BUILDING CONSTRUCTION FEATURES)
  5. Review the recommendations from the NIOSH Investigation Report. List in your opinion the three most important recommendations and your opinion of why for each one. (One slide – Titled RECOMMENDATIONS)

Part Two First In Similar Building (100 Points)

Find a building in your “First in District” (neighborhood) that is similar to the incident you reviewed from the NIOSH Investigation Report. Provide a sketch of the building, photo(s) and a description of the type of construction and building construction terms used in our course. Provide the following slides providing information and responses to the questions listed below.

  1. Provide an overview slide of the similar building in your first in district. The slide shall provide a description of the building, a sketch (upload it as a photo and import to Power Point slide or Google Slides (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.), and photo(s) of the building. (One slide – titled “SIMILAR BUILDING”)
  2. What type of building construction features are included in your similar building? What type of roof, type of materials used in the construction, etc. – use terms from our course. (One slide titled – “CONSTRUCTION FEATURES”)
  3. What action(s) would you suggest if the similar building had a fire similar to the NIOSH Investigation you reviewed? (One slide – titled “SUGGESTED ACTIONS”)
  4. Conclusion. Provide any other details you would like to present from either the NIOSH Investigation report or information you discovered in the similar structure. (One slide – titled “CONCLUSION”)

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