Business Concept

The first part of the course project is to create a business concept or revisit your business concept that you created in prior courses such as Management by Menu. This is a chance for you to present your concept description that you will utilize for most of your course assignments. For this course project, you will break out the concept description into specific headings and shift to writing in the third person perspective – try to eliminate the use of I or my in your work; instead, use the business name, the business, the operation, the organization, etc.

In a minimum 300-word description in a Microsoft Word document following MLA format, use the following headings for your chosen concept using the template provided.

Description of Business

Concept Introduction – Start with the name of the business – provide some context to how the name was selected and describe what kind of concept, theme, or segment (fast food, bed & breakfast, full service, etc.) for the business. What is span of service – breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.? What are the hours and days of operation? What is the target pricing – inexpensive, moderate, or expensive – provide a range or average price.

Location – include the city or town and state; the area within the city or town; and identify an actual location and why this location was selected. What makes this city an appealing location for the business concept and describe some unique features of the city?

Concept Setting and Ambiance – Describe the building for the concept – is it an existing building, a building that will be built, a freestanding building, a high rise, a historic building, or in a mall? Is this a formal or casual setting? How will the interior design, colors, lighting, and music help define the look and feel of the operation? What will be the ambiance unique to this business concept?

The second part of this assignment is to select three recipes that could be used on a regular basis for your business concept, for which you will develop. If you have a menu completed from Management by Menu utilize three of the menu items and find recipes for those items. The recipes should include at least three ingredients and not be a ready-made product that just needs to be heated and served. You can use a recipe from any source. If the recipe is missing information such as the yield, you should select another recipe. If you want some inspiration for recipes, explore the course textbook Foundations of Professional Cooking: A Global Approach textbook for inspiration. Be sure to provide the sources for your recipes and business description information.

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