Captain Canot and Fredrick Douglas

Assignment: Write two to three paragraphs to address the prompt. Use specific information from the text to support your statements.

Explain the different viewpoints of Frederick Douglass and Captain Canot regarding slavery. What evidence does each use? How does each present his information?

Assignment must be in your own words.

Review the rubric below to ensure you are turning in your best work.

1. Response clearly and accurately identifies three or more ways in which the two texts conflict or disagree.

2. Response provides three or more pieces of textual evidence that clearly reflect each text’s perspective on slavery.

3. Respects rules of spelling, capitalization, grammar, and punctuation, with fewer than three errors.

Here are the two texts you will be writing about:

1. Canot

2. Douglass

I have already completed this assignment and submitted it for grading. However, my teacher’s feedback stated that it was 100% copied. Below I have attached a copy of my work.

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