Career Exploration


  1. You must determine what your expected or desired appropriate level job will be upon graduation and typical salary ranges for that job title. There are many online and print sources for determining this information. Make sure to make appropriate adjustments for local cost of living in determining a reasonable salary expectation. Base your salary range on at least three sources.
  2. Create a list of companies who recruit on campus for the job title you are seeking. If no (or too few) companies recruit on campus, develop a list of companies you could target yourself. In both cases, create a list of 5 to 7 companies with addresses, phone numbers and contact names.
  3. You will conduct an “informational interview” with someone already working in your chosen field, either in an entry-level position or higher up (the person can be a professional contact or a family contact). An informational interview is NOT a job interview; it is a short conversation with someone who holds a job you find interesting. Most professionals are willing to give 10 minutes of their time to talk about how they got their job, what their typical day on the job is like, what someone interested in the same career should do to prepare, etc.*When attempting to set up the interview, explain that you are not looking for a job, that it is an informational interview, which will take no more than 10 minutes of their time. Once the interview gets going, you may find that they are willing to spend more time speaking with you. You should feel free to ask them about their college major and activities, their first job and how they got it, their career path, what a typical day on the job is like, and anything else you might want to know before pursuing a similar career path yourself. Under no circumstances should you ask about their salary or benefits. That is rude, and you can get general information about salary parameters from other sources
  4. .You should also write a job description for your targeted position. Feel free to use information from your interview, from textbooks, the web or any other sources to develop your job description. However, you should write it in your OWN words and not copy from any source.
  5. Finally, please write a personal statement giving your reactions to what you have now discovered about your desired career. Are you still interested in pursuing this career? Why or why not? Are you more or less excited about it than you were before? What was surprising from your research? What is your overall reaction to this project? How prepared do you feel for this career and what are your next steps?

The paper should be typed, using a double-spaced, professional font. The contents should be presented in the following order:

  • Cover page listing your name, date, course title and your targeted job title.
  • Job description of your expected or entry level job
  • Salary ranges (from at least 3 sources – please list sources)
  • Summary of informational interview, including contact information for your interviewee
  • Short personal statement
  • List of 5-7 target companies to which you could apply– including addresses, phone numbers, contact names
  • References (similar to a bibliography) – any sources you used to compile information.

My major is Accounting, you need to do this project based on Accounting Career. I attached my resume.

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