Case Presentation Strategies

Discussion topic: Case Presentation Strategies

As you prepare for a case presentation, you might feel uncertain about what information to share and what to leave out of your report. The planning phase is very important because the information that you select for your presentation will focus on the issues that you believe to be most important to your client’s care. However, if you do not prepare for questions that others might have or fail to report a key fact, client care might suffer. For this Discussion, review all of your notes related to theories and best practices for client care and then complete the following:

  1. Create a hypothetical client who matches your career interest. You may use one from a past exercise or class paper. Describe the client’s demographic information.
  2. Describe the client’s main reason for coming to your agency for service/reason for referral.
  3. What three facts about the client seem to be most important for others to know in order to provide constructive feedback about his/her case?
  4. What recommendations would you make about the client’s treatment? What are you planning to do to continue care?
  5. Once you have posted information about your hypothetical client, ask your classmates questions about theirs. Pretend that you are in a staffing meeting/case conference to coordinate care and are offering suggestions to help the client.

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