Case Study Recommendation to highlight issues

The paper should discuss the recommendations created by your group. In your paper, discuss the recommendations and why your group believed it could helpful to the situation/student. Please discuss the situation or student in context of your own recommendation. Please properly source two empirical articles. Use the articles strategically to expound the recommendations and to highlight issues, such as, successes or challenges. Please cite your sources properly, use APA, and this paper is no more than 2 pages.


Ms. Brown, principal of Barksdale Middle School, wants you to explain your role as a school counselor to the teachers. Consider what you may include in a 5-minute presentation at the next teacher staff meeting regarding the purpose of school counselors at the middle school level.

GROUP discussion recommendation:

Advocate – A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or strategy. A champion, protector, patron. To advocate for students is to give them a voice that may not have previously existed.

College&Career readiness-The role of the school counselor enhances well-being through college readiness by fostering their aspirations and being a support system for students through this process. It is important for school counselor to set high expectations and push them for higher academic achievement for every student. Counselors need to help building on the belief that post-secondary education can be for everyone including them. Based on students’ age and grade level, various events could be set up to support the students. A school counselor can develop fun spirit day like college day to give an introduction about college. During those events, school staff members could wear their college shirt and have a conversation with students about their academic pathways. School could also invite the community members and parents during that day to talked about their experience as well.

Social Emotional – Students being able to process and understand their emotions. Set and achieve positive goals, get along with other children, showing empathy, make responsible decisions, and establish and maintain positive relationships.

Collaboration- Working together with a diverse group of stakeholders. This can include working with teachers, school administrators, other school counselors, and parents.


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