Charts and graphs is one of the most powerful tools, discussion help

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Good Evening Everyone,

Charts and graphs is one of the most powerful tools that you can use within Excel, it really helps visualize the data that you are trying to present (especially if you have a lot of data on your spread sheets). Sometimes, too much data can really take away from what would otherwise be a good report, so a worker can really help focus that data into spread sheets and charts to help the audience understand what you are trying to present.

A lot of my fellow students use Excel for budgets, depending on how one builds the spread sheet and help any expenses be identified (by bills, food, gas, etc.) One can then pull all of that data into a pie chart and identify where the majority of one’s money is going too. Having a chart will help identify any spending habits (whether good or bad) and help people make reasonable adjustments to their lives in order to save money and curve any spending habits.

Another scenario might help companies identify revenue and expenditure. If a user was to use a chart that identified any surplus or deficit in a company’s budget, than a company can make adjustments to their spending or initiate any programs or incentives for workers to help increase the company’s revenue (or whatever a company might come up with to increase revenue).

I have used pie charts in the past to help identify numbers and trends in the health care business setting and clinical numbers (in regards to the amount of patients we saw in a week). I really like pie charts, the only dislike I’ve had was when I was trying to upgrade an older excel spreadsheet (pre 2013) to the current version. This caused the data to become corrupted in the spreadsheet, in this case the entire spreadsheet had to be rebuilt due to incompatibility between the newer and older versions.

That’s all I have. Have a good week!


I am not at all that familiar with the graphics and charts of Excel. I often have wondered if someone was wanting graphics and charts, then why not use Word instead. I have always felt that the formatting tools to enhance data was the best thing for Excel and that the Word program was better for graphics and graphing.

I feel that businesses can use the reports from daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly and compare worksheets into tables or graphs that can allow people to get a visual on sales, production, cost, or other comparable data that is used on the worksheets.

The tools used to create the graphics and charts are very easy to use and offer many options for enhancements to allow for an original, more complex report for businesses.

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