Child Development Chart: Middle Childhood 7-11 Years Old

Before you begin the assignment for this week, review the Child Development Chart you have developed over the past weeks. By now, your chart reflects the wealth of information you have studied in a concise, organized way. In whatever ways you choose to work for children and their families”as a professional advocate, educator, researcher, or in any other role in the early childhood field”this chart will provide you with an easy-to-read summary of major developmental milestones and domain interactions. As your professional path in the field continues, you might consider adding to or extending this chart. Just as the past decade has brought forth a myriad of new insights in the early child development field, new discoveries will surely modify what we know in years to come.

Note: Berger’s text, like most child development texts, groups 7- and 8-year-old children with 9- to 11-year-olds in the category of middle childhood. Because the chart is based on your text, your entries will reflect this convention.

In preparation for this assignment, review all the Required Resources for this week. Then download the following documents to complete your assignment.

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