China’s role in the future on the internet, writing homework help


This is a research paper. 4000 word limit. Thesis Statement I was write for you.

thesis statement:

Open internet control in Chinese future is inevitable. Internet in China become an indispensable part in daily life, not just confined to sending messages. Most everyone are using internet, and everyone notice Censorship of internet is more harm than good. I believe that China will gradually open the internet censorship in future. It is advance to Chinese people to improve their network quality, world value and free speech. Also it is a very good chance to Chinese government to improve their policy implementation, self-discipline of official and Country state on the world. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to Chinese internet economy to facing global internet competitions, and to Chinese network technology talent to enhance their skill in the global internet competitions.

Again, this persuasive argument requires students to take a position on an issue and use external evidence to support their reasoning. Arguments might include the following:

1. definition: arguing about meaning

2. causal: arguing through causes and effects

3. evaluation: arguing about value

4. proposal: arguing about the future

5. review: arguing about performance

6. commentary: arguing about current issues and events

7. multimodal: arguing by showing, telling, and listening

8. rebuttal: arguing the opposing side

The persuasive essay must be researched-based with proper Chicago Style citations. Research is an important component of the ENGL 2 curriculum. Please note that a research-based essay that merely reports on a topic is not an appropriate assignment. The purpose is not merely to summarize the views of others on a particular issue; rather, students must take a position on an issue and find appropriate evidence to support their views.


You will find and evaluate thirteen sources while completing your annotated bibliographies; a minimum of eight of these sources must be used in your research paper; although, you are free to use more.

Workshop and Draft

A rough draft of your paper will be work shopped on November 9. The work-shopped draft must be handed-in with your final draft. Revision is major part of our course and specific guidelines will be offered. Revision examines syntax, grammatical correction, content of argument, and critical thinking components.


Your essay must be a minimum of 4000 words (about 16 pages); the bibliography does not count in total word count. Put the word count on the final page.

The files are some of my research website and some idea about the website. However, there are few of website is Chinese version, if you can’t read, please find some website follow the requires and write the bibliography.

If you have question or idea, please talk to me, I will be here.

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