Chinese Films Term Paper, writing homework help

Need to write 3-pages long.

The following sample topics are for you to brainstorm,combine, and expand if you want. Remember this time you are expected to come up with your OWN argument and statement and support it with your film analysis and engage critics’ ideas.

LTEA 120A: Chinese Films

Sample Term Paper Topics

  • The female body and female sexuality in Ermo and Suzhou River
  • Changing gender relationships in Plunder of Peach and Plum and Ermo
  • Changing concepts of family and community in Plunder of Peach and Plum and It’s My Day Off (or Ermo)
  • Changing roles of the individual in It’s My Day Off and Ermo (or Suzhou River)
  • The city as a site of disillusionment and destruction in Plunder of Peach and Plum and Suzhou River
  • The city as a communal space in It’s My Day Off versus an enigmatic space in Suzhou River
  • Different/similar attitudes to the forces of urban corruption in Plunder of Peach and Plum and Suzhou River
  • The impact of money on human relationships in Ermo and Suzhou River
  • Idealism and its fates in Plunder of Peach and Plum and Suzhou River
  • Challenges to male or patriarchal values in Ermo and Suzhou River

term paper template

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LTEA 120A: Chinese Films

Term Paper Template

Your name

Paper Title

Keywords: A, B, C, D


Discussion of film 1

Discussion of film 2

(you could move between two films but must provide smooth transitions in between)


Bibliography (at least 4 sources from the syllabus, listed in a separate page)


Author’s name, Book Title (City: Publisher, year).

Author’s name, “article title,” Volume Title, ed. Editor’s name (City: Publisher, year), pp. #-#.

Author’s name, “article title,” Journal Title, volume #, issue # (year), pp. #-#.

Keywords are central ideas you discuss in your paper. Sample keywords include: market, modernity, romance, value, woman, and the like. 4 keywords must be listed upfront below the title of your paper.

4 required sources refer to different works by authors listed in the syllabus. Again, a chapter in an edited volume counts as one source. All chapters in a single-authored book (like mine) count as 1 source. 2 books by the same authors (like mine) count as 2 sources.

Sources not listed in the syllabus are considered additional to 4 required sources but do not give you extra credit.

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