Choosing a Famous Deviant Person

Project Part 1: Choosing a Famous Deviant Person

The class project challenges you to identify and select a famous person (television, Hollywood, news media) who you believe is an example of deviance. You will consider the question, “Why is this individual deviant?”

You will apply what you will learn during this class to analyze, categorize, and diagnose your famous person’s level of deviance.

Estimated Time
You should spend approximately 5-7 hours on this task.

1. Use your knowledge of a television character, Hollywood celebrity or other famous person to select someone who you believe is an example of a deviant individual. You should be interested and excited about this individual as you will need to research and expand upon the deviance of this person throughout this class during each of the modules.

2. Using the knowledge about deviance obtained in this module to describe why you chose this person, and why you believe this person is to be considered deviant, providing specific examples to define their deviance.

3. Justify why you choose this person using specific references from this module. Your justification can come from the activities, your readings, or any materials you explored during this module.

4. Be prepared in future parts of this project assignment to expand on this deviance definition of your person.

5. Write a minimum of a 500 word paper with in-text citations (APA format) and title and works cited page to the Drop Box titled: Project Part 1: Choosing a Famous Deviant Person.

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