COLL300 Analyzing Academic Writing WK 4 DQ

Analyzing Academic Writing

Week 4 Forum: Analyzing Academic Writing
In her recent article in Teaching English in the Two Year College, Teresa Thonney outlines six standard features of academic writing:

Writers respond to what others have said about their topic.
Writers state the value of their work and announce the plan for their papers.
Writers acknowledge that others might disagree with the position they’ve taken.
Writers adopt a voice of authority.
Writers use academic and discipline specific vocabulary.
Writers emphasize evidence, often in tables, graphs, and images. (348)

To complete this week’s forum posting, go to the APUS Digital Commons@APUS Site. There you have two choices for this assignment; you can look at student papers or faculty papers. The direct links to those two choices are shown here:

Student papers (Master’s Capstone Theses)

Faculty papers (Collections, Faculty Publications Collection)

Find two papers, one that is related to your major and one that isn’t. You can choose two student papers or two faculty papers or one of each. You may see the abstract of a paper and can download the paper to read it. As you read these papers, pay close attention to the six features of academic writing noted above. Which standards are present in each paper? How does the presence or absence of these standards affect the quality of each paper?

To help us locate the papers you have analyzed be sure to provide the paper’s title and recommended citation found on the paper’s website.

Please No Plagiarism

Use APA formatting and in text cititation

Minimum 300

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