COLL300 Forum 6: Introduction to Paper DQ

Week 6 Forum: Introduction to Paper

In this forum, we will focus on getting the reader into your paper. Here are the things to do in this forum.

1. To start this process, please post the title for your paper as the subject line in your forum post.

2. Let us know if you have changed your thesis from the one you shared earlier.

3. Then, using the information from this week’s required readings, post a draft of the introductory paragraph of your research paper. While there is no set word limit for this assignment, the content must include sufficient background information to set the context for your problem and include your thesis statement. You are encouraged to try one of the techniques outlined in the readings to create an engaging, interesting introduction.

In your responses to 2 peers, provide constructive feedback on the effectiveness of their introductions on getting the reader engaged right away in the topic.

Please No Plagiarism

Please use MLA formatting and in text cititation

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