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GREAT insight!

In all situations teachers will need to collaborate, which seems to be the trick from my own experiences as both a special education teacher and a special education administrator. It seems teachers have difficulty finding time to collaborate. Personally I think that co-teaching with a special education teacher has some major advantages in an inclusive classroom. But for schools that don’t have the funding to hire two teachers per classroom, collaborative teaching is a great way of compromising and still getting the general education teacher help with the students who have been mainstreamed.

As a seasoned educator, I strongly believe it is most important to work in an environment that is conductive in learning. After all, our goal as educators is to ensure the best possible education and well-being for our students. In order to fulfill this goal, it is most important to reach out for support and promote conductive learning. By teachers, parents, and administration working together to support students, it not only allows for academic achievement but healthy growth and development as well.

What are the best ways to complete this process?

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