College mathematics discussion 2

Give an example of how you might use “unit conversion” to solve a “real world” problem outside of the typical textbook. I will bet you do this every day and do not even know you are doing it.

Here is my example … my job requires me to travel quite a bit internationally. Every time I travel, I need to use a different currency. The value of those currencies change often and they can be related to the U.S. dollar using a “unit conversion”. Once I know this conversion, I use it to calculate the cost of foreign items in my normal currency to understand the “value” compared to home. I recently traveled to Colombia where they use the Colombia Pesos. The conversion rate is $1 U.S. = 3000 Colombian Pesos (COP). So, if my dinner in Colombia was 50,000 Pesos, then I would divide that by 3000 (in my head) and get an approximate value just under $17. I did that by removing the zeros and thinking of 50 divided by 3, which is about 17.

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