Combating the Occurrence of Developmental Disabilities, Research paper help

Hello, I have a 10 page research paper due 12/12 which i will be asking to have written as well, but now i have to do a two page proposal on the paper. I first wrote an exploratory essay, in that essay is where i picked my topic. I got a horrible grade on the paper, not sure if it was the topic, or just my delivery. For this assignment i have to write a 3-4 page proposal, my research question for the exploratory essay was ” Why should government invest more money into services for the developmental disability”. So this topic, may be hard to do research on and if it is, you guys could let me know and I can try to request a topic change. I am going to drop 2 files, first file will be the outline given by my teacher as to what he expects from this proposal and his sample research proposal, the second file will be the horrible exploratory essay i did, just so you could get a feel of where i was trying to go with the paper. The assignment is late, it was due the 7th of November, so the due date would be as soon as you could have it done, I’m hoping by Friday or tomorrow lol . Thank you if you in advance. Only some of the actual essay i wrote was able to upload, you can write me if you need more information. 

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