COMM122 California State University Environmental Pollution in Michigan Paper

Write a 1400-1600-word informative synthesis essay on a current event topic in debate in Michigan. For this assignment, you must use 6-8 academic and/or credible sources. Your topic must have multiple (at least two) perspectives or schools of thought, and it should be arranged in a way that provides a fair and balanced perspective to your audience. (Warning: DO NOT select only sources that represent one side of the issue. Your sources must be highly credible and relevant, so you must be selective in your research.) You may not use a topic that is listed on Pro/Con or any articles from the Pro/Con website. Pro/Con, like Wikipedia, is not seen as a credible source at the college level, and it is not to be used in this assignment.

Keep in mind that you are not to present any bias or argument when you are writing. However, you may state your opinion in the conclusion, but only if it is based on the evidence you have provided in the body of your paper

. 2. Use a combination of summary, paraphrase, and quotation in your paper, but no more than 10% of the paper should consist of quoted material. Instead, rely on summary and paraphrase. All information from sources—whether quoted, paraphrased, or summarized, whether words or images—must be cited. Keep in mind, though, that your voice, not your sources’, should be most prominent in your article.

3. Give your article an original title that will be effective and appropriate for the intended audience and purpose.

4. Your essay must be written in 11-12 pt. font and written in MLA format style. Your paper will be deducted if it is turned in with a different font or in any other format style, other than MLA.

5. This is a formal essay. Therefore, it should be written in the third-person voice. You may use the first-person voice (“I”) only in the conclusion when you are stating your opinion. The secondperson voice (“you”) is not allowed in this essay.

6. Format your paper and your works cited page in MLA style. All of your citations, in-text and in your works cited page, should be formatted properly. For help with MLA style, please visit the Perdue OWL at:…


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